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Have you ever thought about how many people you see on the streets are wearing second hand clothing and you don't even know? Believe it or not, it is more common than you think. Nowadays, fashion has taken an eco-friendly path, not just from bigger companies like Hennes & Mauritz AB, better known as H&M, which launched early this year, a textile recycling campaign, which consists in taking used clothes to their stores and people would receive a discount voucher. Consumers have also joined this trend by giving a second chance to old clothing; Buying it at very low prices to people who's willing to sell it.

In Colombia, and surely in some other places around the world, you'll find second hand stores, which usually receive their stock by donations through third party places, but what's really interesting is that you could find high quality and renamed brands, such as Michael Kors.

Many of these items have been used once or you could even be a lucky one to find one with their tags, turning this into a break for excessive consumerism and helping to the environment.

If you ever see a second hand store, go for it! we're sure you'll find something awesome!

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